Linkstation HG-HDLAN (PPC) and TwonkyServer 6x

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Linkstation HG-HDLAN (PPC) and TwonkyServer 6x

Postby discojohnson » Fri Sep 17, 2010 8:03 pm

I am having issues with the "Linux PowerPC glibc 2.2.5", "Buffalo Linkstation Gigabit", and "Buffalo Linkstation PowerPC" releases of 6.0.1 on my linkstation HG-HDLAN on a kernel; this is a PPC box. Upon startup, it immediately spikes to 100% CPU usage and eventually dies (the child process) and starts again, even so far as the config page is now listening on a new port (walks from 9000 to 9001). When I strace the process, it is in a tight loop scanning all of the files in the first enabled directory in my sharing options. I have a 4.4.11 installation as well (works fine aside from some general annoyances for another day), but I shut it down prior to attempting the 6.0.1. When the 6.0.1 comes up, it shows the same settings as my 4.4.11 so I assume they are merely sharing the same configuration file. My scan interval is 10 minutes though, so I don't know why it would be hammering that directory (of just 30 or so JPGs). Any ideas?

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