Twonky not supporting genre search

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Twonky not supporting genre search

Postby ASF » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:47 pm

I have a Naim ND5-XS streamer unit . Until recently, I streamed all of our music from a Western Digital Sentinel DX4000 on which I had installed Asset uPnP. The LCD on the server started to fail a year ago, prompting me to replace the server. Western Digital advised that they no longer produced the Sentinel and that I would need to move into a different unit. They offered me a substantial discount of their newer MyCloud PR4100 which I have purchased and setup.

In contrast to the Sentinel, the PR4100 came provisioned with the Twonky server. The Naim app interfaces nicely with the Twonky server, but I find that sorting by genre does not seem to be very productive. Thus, by way of example, we have about 135 “Blues” albums. Despite confirming that the ID tags on each song in many of these albums include “Blues” under Genre, only 15 or so albums appear via the app. I have tried rescanning and restaring the Twonky server to no avail. Might you have any other suggestions? Thanks

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