I dont see all my videos on QNAP TS 209

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I dont see all my videos on QNAP TS 209

Postby Torticoli » Sat Apr 09, 2016 10:19 pm

i have a problem. Since 2 months, my QNAP was ko.
I reinstall, update QNAP soft and Twonkymedia, version 6

I start my Twonky at http://192.168.x.xxx:9000/ and see 43 videos
At my TV is the same

I have more than 200 videos on my qnap server, i kann see all videos with my file explorer

I start maintenance, rescan content directory, not possible, only 43 videos.

Before 2 months i have no access fom my TV, i access from my PC, rescan more times, rebuild database and i crash the QNAP... impossible to connect, admin and all user are delete, i copy all data to a other harddisk and backup after re-install

Kann you help me please, where is the problem?

I will only see all my videos.

Thanks and sorry for my english, is not my language (french or german)


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