Twonky Media on NSLU2 - but not seen in iTunes

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Twonky Media on NSLU2 - but not seen in iTunes

Postby dj_moz » Tue Feb 12, 2008 6:59 am

First of all, hi!
i'm from austria and a beginner on the NSLU and also on the Twonky Media!
I have finally installed the Twonky Media Server on the NSLU! In the Web Interface i can see, that Twonky has found my 2 test files on my harddisk in port 2 of the NSLU!
The NSLU is connected to a airport extreme basestation.

But what i have to do, that i can see the twonky server in iTunes on Macbook Pro or Mac Mini?

i hope i get helt here, because i have no idea how to solve my problems!

Greetings Jürgen

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