strikes in the North and the RMT

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strikes in the North and the RMT

Postby JoeClark » Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:23 pm

It's well known the plan is for new trains being introduced in 2020 by Merseyrail will mean sometimes they will just have a driver on board but all stations operated by Merseyrail will remain staffed. The RMT are currently striking over this saying it's a 'last resort' and deliberately choosing strike days when special events are on to cause maximum disruption e.g. Grand National, Golf Open etc. Merseytravel (Labour controlled passenger transport executive who are the franchisor for the franchise) say it's unaffordable to replace the new trains and to retain guards but claim the new trains will have more advanced safety features than the trains from the 1970s which they will replace and they'll continue to provide additional staff on late services. Now a claim has emerged that the RMT have demanded that Merseytravel funds the retention of guards by putting up fares. This is despite the RMT turning up at stations waving banners in protest against fare rises in the past.

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