Sony TV missing album art from about a quarter of all mp3s

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Sony TV missing album art from about a quarter of all mp3s

Postby JohnR » Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:58 pm

When Twonkserver 8 first came out, I found that my Sony TV would not display all album art - about a quarter of all my albums displayed no album art at all whereas all my other clients were fine. As the Sony TV was the most used player, I went back to Twonkyserver 7, which had no problems with the Sony TV and worked fine - all album art was ok (all embedded 500x500 pixel jpgs).

A long while later, here I am trying a version much more advanced to see if it is now fixed and my Sony TV has exactly the same problem with 8.4 as when version 8 first came out! I've tried changing the Sony's profile to a range of other clients but all that happens is either an identical number of albums that show no art or there is no art at all.

Is there any setting I can change to fix this? There are features in v8 that I want to use but v7 is still the only one that is fully functional for me.

I assume the licence key that I bought for v8 back then will still work if I decide to finally use it?

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