Stream Popcorn Time to LG TV

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Stream Popcorn Time to LG TV

Postby lobo012847 » Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:04 pm

I have an LG 55LW5600 TV. It used to be "smart" but LG has not seen fit to offer upgrades to keep it that way. I had been using my computer to stream movies from the internet (using Popcorn Time -- quite wonderful!) to my TV. However, my TV "icon" no longer shows in the Popcorn Time App. So I can no longer stream to my TV. After MUCH searching on the internet, up dating of EVERYTHING, and being on a half dozen (or more) boards, I finally received a message back from LG with a contact number. I called them. They informed me that they had not upgraded the "Flash Player" on the TV. It was still a v. "9 or 10" and today we are using a "20 or so". The Rep also stated that they had no upgrade planned at this time, but "were working on one' which MAY become available in 2 - 4 weeks. That I should check back then............
To make a long story short (?). Will Twonky allow me to stream Popcorn Time movies from the internet to my TV?


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