Samsung TV not showing MP4 thumbnails

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Samsung TV not showing MP4 thumbnails

Postby jamesgalpin » Mon Mar 09, 2015 6:35 pm

Please can someone help?

I have a WD My Book World Edition (White 1TB) and a Samsung Smart TV H6200. When browsing to the shares on the WD from my TV I can see thumbnails for mp3's but not for mp4's? I also cannot view the mp4 thumbnails through the Twonky Media Browser but can see mp3 thumbnails through the Twonky Media Browser?

Is this something to do with the Twonky Media Server? The version is 5.1.9.

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Re: Samsung TV not showing MP4 thumbnails

Postby davy » Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:06 am

Same problem here, would appreciate any help.

I did confirm that the ffmpeg path is set in ffmpeg.location, yet, in the DB cache folder, all of the files have the appendix ".unsupported".
Do I have to create a special profile to get Twonky trigger ffmpeg thumbnail creation? On a different NAS using the same Twonky version 8.4.1 the behaviour was different: there, the same thumbs were automatically being created, but it was too slow and running forever. I don't get why the same package on different hardware platform, in the default configuration, has a different behaviour. Please help!

I should note that when browsing the server thru the web UI, the same behaviour of the relevant files not having a thumb, so maybe a more general problem than with the Samsung TV?

Update.... as you can see here I resolved it by reinstalling/reconfigured.

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