Auto Login after restart of Twonky Server

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Auto Login after restart of Twonky Server

Postby Maciejka » Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:27 pm

Hi Folks,
I'm wondering if I can enable auto-login feature somehow. I'm Using WD NAS with licensed Twonky 8.4.1 but every restart of NAS I need to login to the page and login before I will see my content. I understand my license needs to be validated but can I put my login/passwd in the init files to make this automatic process after possible restart?

many thanks in advance for your hints.


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Re: Auto Login after restart of Twonky Server

Postby Busywait » Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:13 pm

Me too :(

I'm using Twonky 8.5.0 on myDLink DNS 323 - after I reboot the NAS even though my Twonky server is restarted it, I cannot browse any content from my control points/players. Each content directory appears showing a message "You are not logged in. Please log in order to use Twonky server".

[Twonky devs: an extra "in" is needed in that sentence, "...login in order to..." .]

Once I've used the web UI to log in then I can restart the twonky server without having to log in again, so the state is recorded somewhere. Is this accidental behaviour from Twonky? Are there any work arounds?

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