Twonky 8.1.1 lost ‘Shared Folder’ definition in NAS TS-212P after Power Off

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Twonky 8.1.1 lost ‘Shared Folder’ definition in NAS TS-212P after Power Off

Postby pepi_SIP » Tue Oct 13, 2015 6:01 pm

I have two NASs of TS-251 2 x 3 TB, 4 GB and TS-212P 2 x 2 TB, 512 MB
Both at same LAN/configurations, actual QTS 4.2.0 (2015/09/25), Twonky V8.1.1
Both NASs configured the same of ‘Shared Folders of multimedia data P/V/M’ to be streamed via LAN to Loewe TV40”UHD and running in all cases perfectly as long NASs are permanently Power On.
If Power Off/On to both NASs, only TS-251 starts correctly and streams perfectly all pre-defined ‘Shared Folders’ to TV.
In case of Power Off/On to TS-212P all predefined ‘Shared Folders’ are lost, no multimedia data P/V/M’ shown and predefined Twonky Server name is always changed from ‘TkyAnMa-NAS-2015’ to ‘Twonky Server at AnMa-NAS-2015’. MM-folders to be played on the TV screen show in all cases of ‘No contents shared’.
I have many times reinstalled all SW of NAS and Twonky and changed some parameters.
I’ve tried  ls -alF /etc/config/twonkyvision-mediaserver6.ini ; cat /etc/config/twonkyvision-mediaserver6.ini
No success!
Welcome to all readers which have any idea about failure! NAS TS-212P itself to be buggy?

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