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Postby Mischa1941 » Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:10 pm

I am not one the IT wiz kids, I just want to build my system and enjoy listing to music, which I ripped with dBpoweramp and stored under TWONKY control on an WD NAS MyBook Live. Recently I purchased 3 newer CDs and was surprised to see, that only one made it into the TWONKY data base. After checking the Music CDs, the ripping etc. I decided to contact TWONKY. Since the Version is a pre-installd one (Firmware 5.1.9) TWONKY asked me to contact WA. WD recommended resetting the NAS, sending the system protocol to them, nothing helped. Rebuilding the data base did not help either, funny enough the rebuilding process stopped at a certain song (indicated in the maintenance protocol), every time at a different point. I have about 1000 Songs, all in *.m4a Format on the data base. Do I have to throw away a functioning NAS disk, just because TWONKY and WD do not cooperate? Thanks for helping a confused, concerned und upset fan of the wonderful world auf MUSIC STREAMING!

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