Noxon_2 does not identify filenames

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Noxon_2 does not identify filenames

Postby Kay » Thu Apr 03, 2008 2:40 pm

Hi & hello,

I've connected a Noxon_2_audio to a Qnap TS-209. I do not apply ID tags, because I prefer to select folders & files. Unfortunately, the Noxon cannot identify the filenames of about 95% of my ~450 wav files. Just "unknown" and the k-out-of-m number are displayed. :roll: (Btw, the music sounds brilliant.) The filenames are of type ABC-123-A_2008-01-23.wav -- My questions:

1) Is it a Noxon or a Twonky fault?
2) What can I do?

Best regards,
Twonky version 4.4.4
Firmware Noxon: 2007-09-27_NOXON2_TerraTec_firmware_FW6392_HWID158.bcd

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