Buffalo LinkTheater PC-P3LWG

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Buffalo LinkTheater PC-P3LWG

Postby steamhead » Mon Aug 03, 2009 1:52 pm

Many moons ago I had a LinkTheater at the heart of my media centre and it served me well, till the PS3 took over and consigned it to the loft. In the mean time I upgraded most of my video collection to h264.

Now I decided to see if I could get the old Buffalo back in use as a media player in the bedroom. Now it connects to Twonky OK, plays music and video no problem BUT does not see any of my h264 video content at all. I tried various tricks of renaming files to see if I could "kid it", even restarted the old PCAST software and upgraded the firmware, but to no avail.

However the PCAST did let me see all the video on the list, and would play audio only with "unsupported codec" on the screen.

So my question is... Is there some clever trick I can do in Twonky to 1. Let the Buffalo see all the video content and 2. Transcode it on the fly so it will play.

I am btw on Twonky 4.4 as, other than this issue, it does everything I need and the stories of folks moving to 5 don't fill me with confidence (such as no custom trees, license pass on etc).

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